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    Up to 60% faster installation for commercial PV systems


    The world’s first standing PV inverter for commercial PV systems

Up to 60% faster installation for commercial PV systems

Sunny Tripower CORE1 is the world’s first standing PV inverter for commercial rooftops,
carports and ground-mount solar projects. The innovative new design offers up to
60% faster installation while delivering optimized total cost of ownership.

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The superior way to get your projects up and running

As the third generation of SMA’s industry leading Sunny Tripower product line, the CORE1 revolutionizes
the commercial inverter category. Its innovative engineering approach is built on a foundation that includes
a groundbreaking form factor and inventive mounting method whose goals are to speed installation and achieve
the most economical return on investment for all parties involved.

Scalability with maximum energy harvest

  • This 50 kW Sunny Tripower offers the ideal building block with scalability up to the MW range
  • Its unique design allows for DC:AC ratios up to 150%
  • Six MPP trackers ensure optimum energy production

Highly integrated

  • The compact yet fully integrated design allows to save logistical, labor and material costs
  • Along with 12 direct string inputs, DC and AC disconnects and optional DC and AC surge protection are included

Cost effective

  • Needs no racking on roof-mount systems
  • Very minimal, highly simplified racking in other commercial applications
  • Additional cost savings due to the reduction in field labor, time and materials

OptiCool™ active cooling system

  • Ensures reliable operation and maximum energy production
  • Safeguards your PV investment
  • Reduces service expenses with field-proven technology based on 50+ GW of installed capacity worldwide

Speed and accessibility

  • Built-in Wi-Fi access from any mobile device
  • Simplified inverter configuration and commissioning with SMA’s web-based assistant, which accelerates installation and saves time

Seamless grid integration

  • Enables unrivaled system monitoring and control with full grid management capabilities, SunSpec MODBUS compatibility and optional 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Ensures rapid project completion, reduces the risk of troubleshooting grid interconnection


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Compact power for commercial rooftops, carports and ground-mount projects

The versatile solution with maximum return on investment – From distribution to construction to
operation, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 enables logistical, material, labor and service cost reductions.
With built-in Wi-Fi for fast commissioning, advanced communications and smart inverter grid
support functions, commercial installations are up and running faster and simpler than ever.

Achieves additional cost savings …

  • One product for various commercial applications
  • Global platform for universal deployment
  • Reduced part numbers and balance-of-system components
  • Unmatched support and service

Reduces procurement and installation costs …

  • Plug-and-play installation concept
  • Reduced material costs
  • Accelerated installation and decreased labor
  • Free system design tool

As uninterrupted performance is paramount …

  • Optimized LCOE
  • Advanced customer monitoring interface
  • 24/7 remote monitoring from the world’s #1 service team
  • Intelligent grid management

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Up to 60% faster installation on flat rooftops

Rapid installation and grid integration

Superior configuration and communication are achieved with SMA’s web-based commissioning assistant and browser access via Wi-Fi with any mobile device. Two Ethernet ports with Modbus TCP (including SunSpec) achieve unrivaled communication in large plants.

"The Sunny Tripower CORE1 is now the first standing inverter. This new design offers a much more faster and easier installation without any racking system."
Nick MorbachExecutive Vice President, SMA Business Unit Commercial
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